About Us

Do you have memories of baking in your grandmother’s kitchen? Maybe the taste of a freshly baked cookie brings you back to simpler times. For me, baking is an expression of love.  I’m Christine, owner of Cove Mountain Bakery, and my love of baking started early.  This simple tradition of baking cut-out chocolate cookies started with my great grandmother and grew with my mother to include inviting friends and family over for a cookie decorating day the week before Christmas. As of 2022, we are currently decorating around 600 cut out cookies together. It’s about the cookies but more importantly, about the love and laughter at the table.

That’s my passion baked into every cookie and tasty treat I make at Cove Mountain Bakery.   The secret ingredient really is love and the best review I ever received read “you can taste the love in every bite.”
Whether you are looking to learn how to decorate cookies via one of my classes, or you want to share the love by enjoying or gifting fresh homemade baked goods, Cove Mountain Bakery has you covered.